About Terry Sacka, AAMS

Chief Strategist and Financial Analyst for Cornerstone Asset Metals (refiners of the only LBMA/COMEX “good delivery” Judeo-Christian silver in the country).

Terry hosts “The Wealth Transfer News” a syndicated television and radio broadcast that airs across the nation on WHT, FETV cable and other Christian television networks and stations.

Terry has multiple financial accreditations in financial advisory and natural resources formerly through AG Edwards. He was a United States Army specialist with a NATO Secret clearance in nuclear warfare along with a national defense medal from Iraq. His experience with global mining and applied world economics gives him a unique view of the REAL and deceptive global state of affairs and an outside perspective on the egregious violations to our constitutional framework.

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The Wealth Transfer TV Show

The Wealth Transfer News TV is a weekly program airing on World Harvest TV (WHTV) Tuesday 7pm EST with host Terry Sacka, AAMS & Dr. Charles Vance.

Topics covered include biblical principles, global economics, asset protection and wealth preservation. WTN provides insight on issues to unveil the agenda that is working against the community to provide you with relevant kingdom information, previously only available to insiders, to protect and preserve the wealth of your family and church.

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Wealth Transfer News Radio

Created to bring truth to the kingdom by protecting and preserving our future through education and news.
Through strategic education our mission is to put “We The People” back in charge of our wealth and our future by addressing the topics of biblical principles, global economics and protecting and preserving your family, ministry and churches wealth.

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